I’ve always wanted to create a place where adults and children alike feel good. A place where everyone will find a rest from the rush of the world and will come into contact with each other, as well as with their own inner self. Watching the speed and the run of the world (repeatedly letting you get into it), I wanted to show others that you can find a moment for yourself without excuses and unnecessary fuss.

I invite you all to my world, where each of you is the number one. Here everyone will feel unique and safe.

Painting fun in “Malownia!

is a space created to just paint,
without having to explain yourself,
without the need for what you say about me,
without having to evaluate and show the results,
without feeling the expectations, proving something to others,
and at the same time be in line with what you’re saying.

Whoever practices the Formulation is free from any dependencies, models and develops a positive autonomy.

This practice also develops a great deal of knowledge and skills, deeply involving an individual, regardless of age, experience or position in life.
Whoever finds himself in this natural play never resort to violence for self-admiration and does not seek shelter in drugs for comfort or convenience. The act of Formulation is essential, and in the conditions of the “Malownia” it develops the need for self-affirmation and relations with others in a perfect balance which excludes all types of competition.
It is worth knowing, however, that in order to be able to Formulate correctly, it is necessary to ensure appropriate conditions – it must be a room without windows. That is why the “Malownia”, which protects its users from pressure and external influences, as well as provides playground companions, was established.
Entering the “Malownia” you leave the whole outside world behind.

In the “Malownia” we believe in the values of:

#neighborhood / intimacy / roots

#modernity / relevance / commitment /

#education / development / originality /

What is included in the offer?

Allow yourself the freedom to create, the freedom of the soul and the freedom of the mind.
In addition to painting classes based on Arno Stern’s method, I will also conduct Vedic Art workshops.

Where did the name “Malownia” come from?

“Malownia” is a combination of two polish words which mean – painting and studio. It is a safe space where painting fun takes place.

“It’s just different in the “Malownia”.”

How the “Malownia” looks like?

The “Malownia” is a room that is based on its own rules. The four walls are covered with a plate on which brown packing paper is attached. The paper shows a vertical and horizontal pattern of lines, created when the brush, that went beyond the sheet of paper.
In the middle of the room there is a table with eighteen colours, each with three brushes: two small and one large on top. When you put on a protective apron, you enter a safe space where painting takes place in a completely different way than before.
The “Malownia” creates safe conditions for children and others who need it at a particular stage of their individual growth. This is impossible anywhere else.

What are the sessions like?

It is worth knowing that the classes are held in groups of 5 to 15 people according to the Arno Stern method. After the classes, the drawings stay in the “Malownia”‘s archive. They do not leave it so that they are not subject to anyone’s evaluation.

I invite you to watch the short movie from the playtime.

The idea of painting fun is simple but it is important.

The price list:

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, if you would like to benefit from my offer, I encourage you to visit me. The cost of a one-time lesson is 70 PLN. I recommend, however, that you come regularly, because some classes do not bring the expected results, peace and quiet. If you decide to participate regularly, you can pay for the classes in advance for 3 months – then the cost of one class will be 60 PLN, and the cost of one year in advance will be 50 PLN for one class.

If you are interested in the costs of my other services – please contact me to discuss details.

I am open to your proposals, suggestions and cooperation!

I invite you all to share the concepts of Arno Stern’s painting fun together.

Registration – Contact.

The leader of the workshop – Edyta Anyszka